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Lights, Action, FANTA!!!

I did it! i created my very own fanta film!..... yes i admit, it was a difficult task to uphold the name of the fanta film legacy. Many people ask me whether i was truly ready to follow in the footsteps of the greats. And for a while during the production process i was really starting to feel the weight upon my shoulders. It got to the point where it was almost unbearable, and i started to doubt myself and whether it was the right time in my life to be taking on this task. It was at that point that an old wise man approached me, and i'll never forget it, he said, "life's a bitch. but if you're able to finish one true masterpiece, then it all seems somewhat justified when you get to be my age." This seemed to strike a chord with something inside me.... after that day i was working around the clock to make sure that i did not let down the old man, but most importantly..... to not let down myself.
and with that i humbly give you... my fanta film:
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